The Prodigal Altar Boy

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Prodigal Altar Boy Blog Presents: Don’t Waste That Peek Behind The Curtain!

Don’t Waste That Peek Behind The Curtain

We’ve all gotten it at one time or another, that peek behind the curtain, a look at how things really get done, decisions get made, people get picked, or not.  I have been blessed with deep insights and knowledge gained just by being there.  Little bits of information filed away, gathered here and there, in the short term, in the junk drawer of random incidents.  Nothing really clicked right away, and for a time it was my mental collection of oddities, things only I would notice.

You probably have a similar box of things that just stick out to you. Situations where you saw just a little more than the average person gets to see.  Insights you’re able to gain now because of all you’ve seen before.  A peek behind the curtain.  That thing you know.  Whether it’s a theme you detect, a pattern you perceive, or specific events you’ve witnessed, your body of unique “peeks behind the curtain” is yours for a reason.    Leverage your unique knowledge.

 Sharing – A powerful strategy to leverage unique knowledge 

When I share knowledge I’ve gained, I always benefit.  “As iron sharpens iron…” is a scriptural shorthand describing one of many benefits I get when sharing unique insights. I always like to make sure what I’m talking about makes sense, so having people to share insights with can lead me to additional information, which refines my insight.

Sharing not only refines your insights, but expands your network, which increases the likelihood of additional peeks behind the curtain and insight.   Sometimes I’m even invited to peeks behind the curtain, and I spend my fair share of time nudging people toward things related to insights they’ve shared.  

  Document – Blazing the trail

Document, document, document.  At the very least, start writing things down, or, if it’s more suited to your style, make audio and or video recordings, but get it recorded.  While audio and video recordings of actual events are like gold, an audio and/or video of you laying out your insights can be valuable. With transcription service prices where they are, you could have a soft copy transcript of your recording to start building your files for not a lot of money.

The bigger piece of documentation is cataloging the data you have.  Keeping track of what you have, how you got it, what it means, what it’s connected to, etc., just scratches the surface of considerations when connecting your insight to the world.  Where will it reside physically, digitally?  How will you control access?  All good questions, but not ones that need to be answered today.  As you build the case for your insight and start documenting, those are some of the questions you need to keep in front of you.

Keep Sharing – This is a marathon

Share, and keep sharing.  Insight is built on the cyclical nature of maintaining the feedback loop, so keep it going.