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Monday, October 3, 2011

2011 last 100 days Countdown: 88 Days Left

2011 last 100 days
88 Days Left
Day: 12
3 October 2011
  • Goal - 1 hour per day doing some work on the movie:

Watched Karen Everett module 1, The Opening and took notes.  Worked on possible openings and inciting incidents for the film.  made notes of footage to review for the inciting incident.

  • Goal:  30 minutes per day basic music work:

Details:  electric warm ups on the Roland Strat

Isley Brothers - “It’s Your Thing”

“Granby Street” - still ironing out new/added lyrics

D - D-sus - Em - C - D work

  • Goal:  15 minutes per day (minimum) exercise: 
Exercise summary
Swing “Ladders”
10 one-armed swings with 45lb KB
20 one-armed swings with 45lb KB
30 one-armed swings with 45lb KB
40 one-armed swings with 45lb KB
This equals one “round” of 100 reps.  I did 4 “rounds”
Total time:   24 minutes
100 X 4 = 400 repetitions
400 X 45lbs = 18,000 lbs total volume

  • Goal:  15 minutes per day (minimum) scoring work for the movie:

Details:  Work on Dies Irae. (Roland Strat) Octave climbs and dyad moves leading to solo.  More work on the piece as a whole, stressing accuracy over speed
R&B Progression work
E - B/D# - C#m - A progression

Total time:  30 minutes

Eighty-eight days left in the year.  Eighty-eight keys on a piano, representing the tyranny of choices life can be.  We make the biggest musical (and life) statements not by the sheer number of notes used, but hitting the “right” notes.  Looking at the keys of a piano (or the frets of a guitar), with ALL the notes laid out is intimidating.  Focus on the task at hand, shrink the choices.  Twelve days down, one day at a time.  Shoot for the goals, focus on the effort.  If you hit the goal, fine, if not, whatever effort you put toward it still counts.