The Prodigal Altar Boy

Thursday, November 9, 2017

The Prodigal Altar Boy Blog 171109 - Honor Your Gifts: #2 There Are NO Part-Time Saints

Honor Your Gifts – The Breakdown
Honor your gifts, which come from God. Period. 

#2 There are no part-time saints.
There are no part-time saints.  If you think worshipping is something you do on the weekends, let me be clear.  The same eyes on you during worship on Sunday are the same eyes on you when you step off the platform.  Worship is not what you do, it’s how you live.  What you do during the week influences how you worship on Sunday.  There is no disconnect between the “you” up there worshiping and the “you” people see the rest of the week. 

In #1 I suggested acknowledging our gifts from God.  The next step is to realize he gave us these gifts fully formed.  Batteries ARE included. You have ALL the options, there are no additional accessories.  Your gift is the Crayola 64 crayon set, it’s all there and the sharpener! 

And God didn’t just give you this wonderful gift, He’s given you circumstances, “chance encounters,” opportunities and networks to make the most of those gifts.  He wants you to use them, so go out there and use them.  As my mother would say, “Don’t hide it under a bushel basket!”

Share your gifts.  Share your gifts all the time.  Musicians get better by playing with other musicians, so get out there and get that experience.  You can’t be salt and light to the world if you’re not out there interacting with everyone.  Lend your talents to organizations that need them.  Meet people, play, learn something.

Be there. Listen.  I’m foreshadowing #4 and this concept is that important.  When you’re putting yourself out there, be there, contribute and don’t just go through the motions.  God puts you in a place for a reason, so be there.  In addition to being present, listen.  Not with just your ears, but with your gut.  What is vibe you’re picking up?  By listening and paying attention, we give others a chance to reach out to us.  I heard two fantastic evangelization stories this weekend and in both cases, being in the moment presented an opportunity for someone to ask about Christianity.

No matter your gifts, they are ON all the time because we should be praising all the time.  Use your gifts, share them and live your worship.