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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Prodigal Altar Boy Blog - Honor Your Gifts - #4 Put In The Time

Honor Your Gifts – The Breakdown
Honor your gifts, which come from God. Period.

#4 Put In The Time

Put in the time.  That is our ministry, we put in the time.
Putting in the time is what we do.  From the concept of a set list until the last chords of the closing song ring, it’s all one big wheel constantly turning.  Our preparation determines our worship.  Being musically prepared means being able to move from playing to worshiping. Songs flow when concern about song structure shifts to the background so your ears can guide your sound.  

When you’re secure about what to play, you’re free to focus on how to play.  All the tonal nuance you have is at your disposal. Tone, timing, texture, timbre, you get the idea. You’ve spent a lot of time just learning how to produce clean notes, putting in the time with the song structure lets you focus on tone production.  Another part of flow is how you move from one song to another.  Over time, familiarity with a variety of songs will uncover similar chord patterns, which strengthens your ability to make smooth transitions.

Putting in the time is the preparation we do away from our instruments.  How we interact with others on the team, how we communicate with the worship leader and the team, how we offer encouragement and feedback, how we ask for help, all of that is what’s on the table when it comes to preparation and focus.  Putting in the time is getting charts notated/amended for how you’re going to play the songs.  Putting in the time is coming to practice on time, prepared.  Putting in the time is taking the time from practice to service to fine tune what you rehearsed.

Putting in the time is what we do away from music.  What are you praying and meditating about during the week? Who are you praying for?  What are your prayers for this upcoming service?  Putting in the time means we arrive ready to meet people where they are and take them into a spirit of worship.  Putting in the time is a commitment to any and every one worshiping from you that says, “I’ve been waiting all week to be here with you today.”

Putting in the time is the time we spend on ourselves.  What things elevate your energy levels, and are you doing enough to keep your batteries charged?  What things are an emotional drain?  How can we keep those things from hindering our preparation?  Am I eating properly?  Am I getting enough rest? Do I get enough physical activity?  Am I happy? Am I looking forward to the service?

So, put in the time.