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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

9 April 2013 The Prodigal Altar Boy Blog - I GET IT!

I get it!

I get it, I GET it, okay?  As the jazz cats would say, “I heard you twice the first time.”  

Yesterday, I was having a party.  It was a small party, because when you restrict the guest list, you can really get your groove on.  To be clear, it was a pity party (“…pity, party of one, pity, party of ONE.”)

It had been one of “those days,” where you don’t have a major disaster, just a string of little things.  My mother always tells me not to sweat the small stuff, but I was not listening that day.  I love my job, but it was a struggle going in yesterday.  The work in progress screening is breathing down my neck and I have a finite amount of time to be prepared.  Add to that, the scale was not my friend that day and I have a 5k race looming in the distance.

After settling in at home, the last thing on my mind was editing, even though working through the story consultant’s notes was on the schedule.  I went through the mail and there were three envelopes.  There were two donation checks and a letter from someone requesting tickets for the screening in Norfolk
One check was from a donor who has sent a check every month since February.    Not only did she send another check, SHE THANKED ME “...for being so appreciative of my donations.”  There was another check from a first-time donor in New York. 
However, the letter requesting tickets drove the message home.  After requesting tickets, she tacked on the following postscript:

“P.S.:  I am looking forward to your next film and many more after that.”


So here I am, feeling sorry for myself, whining about work I have to do on this movie, and here is someone out there waiting for my NEXT movie.  Add to that, two people, one a complete stranger, took the time to send their hard-earned cash to some guy in Baltimore complaining because of some numbers on a scale.
It was a transformative moment.  Once the implications of these acts set in, I had to humble down and knock out that editing.  I put in a solid three hours on the consultation edits and got a lot done.
Do I still feel pressure about the screening?  I still feel the pressure, but it is not a despairing pressure.  It is the pressure to do well because I have many people expecting good things from this project.  It is a pressure to bring “The TQ Project” home, literally and figuratively.  It is a pressure to look at where all this started and moving it to the next level.  

I get it.   It is not about me.  It is about honoring TQ, honoring all the people who loved him.  It is about all the people who support this project, and in doing so, say they believe in me.  It is about not letting them down.

I get it.

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