The Prodigal Altar Boy

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Occupy Wall Street, Pope John Paul II and TQ

2011 last 100 days
76 Days Left
Day: 24
15 October 2011

  • Goal - 1 hour per day doing some work on the movie:

Listened to Karen Everett audio:  “Affirmations for Filmmakers” (4X)
Reviewed Karen Everett video:  “Editing the Character-Driven Documentary”
  • Time: 90 mnutes

  • Goal:  30 minutes per day basic music work:

Warm Ups MojoCaster
Granby Street 2X lyric swap
Dies Irae 20X - piece as a whole.  Worked on chads and octaves
Total time: 1 hour
  • Goal:  15 minutes per day (minimum) exercise:

Active rest.  Turkish get ups from yesterday took a lot out of me.  I’ll have to do them more often.

    • Goal:  15 minutes per day (minimum) scoring work for the movie:

It's Your Thing - Isley Brothes
Talkin' Loud and Sayin' Nothing - Living Colour version
R&B chord work
E-B/D#-C#m-A. Progression work
D-sus-Em-C work
So What - Miles Davis
Total time:  45 minutes

Not as big a Saturday as I would have hoped, but rest and recuperation are also part of the game.  I got a lot of rest, and still managed to get in music and movie work done.  Maybe I can get started on the bin organization.

I found an interesting set of graphics purporting to show the Four Things the Occupy Wall Street protesters Are Angry About.  I think it is worth a look.  As much as (ahem) mainstream media would like to portray the protesters as unfocused and lacking a central goal, note these charts come from The Business Insider, so somebody gets it.  If you match these graphics up with this clip of an Occupy Wall Street protester bringing u some very good points about wanting to see more “Jesus stuff like helping the poor.”  Wow!  I wonder why that clip never made it to Fox!

If you haven’t read it, please take a look at this letter to the editor in the 13 October Baltimore Sun.  To recap, the author, Michelle D. Breau, made a very astute connection between the Occupy Wall Street movement and Pope John Paul II’s  warning the “...all-consuming desire for profit and the thirst for power at any price with the intention of imposing one’s will upon others are opposed to the will of God and the good of neighbor.”

To reiterate,  TQ and John Paul II did not see eye to eye on many things, but on the t the dangers of concentrating the world’s resources in the hands of a few, they were in lock step.  Take a look at the trailer for TQ’s book, “A Reluctant Malachi.”  TQ states many churches have missed this point entirely.  Note how TQ’s description of our responsibility dovetails with Occupy Wall Street.  Pay particular particular to his ending statement, “The rich get richer and...”