The Prodigal Altar Boy

Monday, October 31, 2011

T-61 Days and Counting - What's REALLY Spooky!

2011 – Last 100 Days
T-61 Days To Go
31 October 2011
Goal:  1 hour per day working on the film
Digitized 2011 footage from a June interview with Sarah and James Williams. (one tape)
Took preliminary log notes on the tape.
Total time:  1 hour

Goal:  30 minutes per day music practice
MojoCaster  warm-up
Rhythm and texture work on the E – B/D# - C#m – A chord progression. 
R&B chord progression work.  Focused on texture and tone.
“It’s Your Thing” – Isley Brothers
“Talkin’ Loud and Sayin’ Nothing” – Living Colour version (Spent some time combining the two opening riffs.)
Total time:  30 minutes

Goal:  15 minutes exercise per day
Interval training on the elliptical machine
30/60 intervals
30 > 170 RPM
60 > 140 RPM
20 “sets”
Total Time:  30 minutes

Goal:  15 minutes per day working on the score for the movie
 Dies Irae” – 20X (whole piece) on the Roland Strat
After 20X of the whole piece, focused on dyads and octaves
Total Time:  15 minutes
Happy Halloween!  You know what’s really scary?  Tomorrow (1 November 2011) marks the 305th day of the year, which means there will only be 60 days left in the year. At the rate I’m going, I could all of the footage digitized before Thanksgiving and could have an assembly cut done before the end of the year!  WOW!  Many thanks to the Advisory Board for being there and lending their kind words of support.  

Brought the Mount Olive Baptist video back.  
Now THAT'S Worship!