The Prodigal Altar Boy

Sunday, November 6, 2011

T-55 Days To Go - Lazy Sunday

2011 – Last 100 Days
T-55 Days To Go
6 November 2011


Goal:  1 hour per day working on the film
Logged footage from October 2008 to March 2010
Watched karen Everett video, “How to Open the Character-Driven Documentary”
Total time:  2 hours

Goal:  30 minutes per day music practice
Pat Metheny – Exercise #1 bars 1-4 with metronome (60bpm)
Roland-Ready Strat  warm-up
 “It’s Your Thing” – Isley Brothers
“Talkin’ Loud and Sayin’ Nothing” – Living Colour version
Total time:  30 minutes

Goal:  15 minutes exercise per day
Walked to church and back. (Oh yeah, I went to church as well!)

Goal:  15 minutes per day working on the score for the movie
“Dies Irae” – 20X, followed by focus work on the dyads and climbing octaves
“Granby Street” –  Acoustic work with lyric swap/brought all verses in earlier
Rhythm work on the E – B/D# - C#m – A  progression
R&B chord progression work
Total Time:  45 minutes