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Sunday, September 25, 2011

2011 last 100 days - DAY 4

2011 last 100 days
Day: 4
25 September 2011
TQ on the set at St. Kateri
  • 1 hour per day doing some editing work on the movie:

Edit details:  90 minutes working on the St. Kateri footage.  Tightened some edits, added music beds and worked on TQ’s audio.
  • 30 minutes per day basic music practice:

Details:  20 minutes electric warm ups and Requiem (Dies Irae) work.  Emphasized working.through the whole piece at a reduced speed, then focused on the octave work leading into the lead piece and ending.   
15 minutes working on “So What”  
Book work - Thelonious Monk for Guitar - ‘Round Midnight (the paucity of my talent on this song is only surpassed by the hilarity of the sounds produced.  Needs more work.  This book could be a 100 day countdown project on its own.
Famous Guitar Intros - “Cult of Personality,” “Walk This Way,” “Day Tripper,”
Evening Work
“Talkin’ Loud and Sayin’ Nothing” (Cult of Personality version)
“It’s Your Thing”
More Requiem work
Total time:  50 minutes
  • 15 minutes per day (minimum) exercise:

Exercise summary
TRX Workout
TRX Supported Squat (arms up) 5 sets of 12 reps
TRX Contralateral Lungers 5 sets pf 12 reps (per side)
TRX Supprted Squar (arms in) 1 set of 12
Time:  15 minutes

  • 15 minutes per day (minimum) scoring work for the movie:

Details:  30 minutes building St. Kateri music bed by looping.

Notes:  I thought I would have a lot more time over the weekend, but tasks expand to fill available time.  I did get a lot accomplished and I’m grateful for that.  Working out Saturday and Sunday meant I worked out seven days this week.  Even the 15 minute TRX work today was hard.  My concern is working out every day will diminish results for Viking Warrior Training (already down).  For next week I will probably make at least one of those workouts a 15 minute stretching/core session  to enhance recovery.