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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Prodigal Altar Boy Blog 16 September 2014 - Games Worship Leaders Play

Games Worship Leaders Play

1.     Gambit: Wrong Charts, No Charts – Song charts consistently in the wrong key, incorrect chords, or no charts at all.
·        Strategy:  Pray.  Collaborate with musicians, especially ones who have been on the team longer and borrow their charts.  Share the charts you have.  Retain charts in multiple keys.
2.     Gambit: Predicting Failure (e.g.: “Now if you don’t nail the intro of this song, I’m going to just keep going without you.”)
·        Strategy: Pray.  Practice intro/lead parts you know you have to cover on a regular basis.  Practice them with a metronome.  Relax and ignore needless pressure.
3.     Gambit: Continually changing arrangements (e.g.: At practice, “We won’t be modulating on that song this Sunday,” then Sunday during service, BAM! Right to the modulation!
·        Strategy: Pray.  Know your worship leader.  If your worship leader always modulates up a half step, keep that in the back of your mind.  Keep track of all the songs that modulate, listen for the telltale intro to the modulation, and be ready.  Practice modulating, especially if you are a “position player.”
4.     Gambit: “You shouldn’t need those charts…”
·        Strategy: Pray. Practice. 
5.     Gambit:  Worship Leader singles out particular musicians.
·        Strategy: Pray. Resist the urge to react. Discuss with worship leader offline. Pray. Pray with Worship Leader.

What are some the “gambits” you encounter? 
What are your strategies?

I think this article will disappoint both Worship Leaders and Worship Team members alike.  It is easy to find fault with any situation.  Finding your contribution to the situation and attacking that shows maturity.  Does that mean Worship Leaders do not “play games?”  Absolutely not.  Worship Leaders are human beings and deserve our prayers, our support and our forgiveness.  In spite of what they may (or may not) do, keep in mind, “This is Church.”