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Thursday, February 16, 2012

TQ Update - TQ Project Licensing Lesson!

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17 February 2012

TQ Update
Art M. from Alexandria sent this update on TQ:

Good Morning, Cal

I spoke with T.Q. yesterday and he said I caught him on the best day of his three months in the hospital. If I heard him correctly -- his speech was slightly slurred -- he  stood up for the first time while there. He said he doesn't know what's next or when but that he cannot return to his house at Ascension. His voice was lively and his spirit seemed strong with a bit of that feisty quality so typical of him. Another friend who had talked with him a day or two before said that T.Q. told him they had removed two liters of fluid from his lungs, over what period of time I don't know.
Thanks Art.  I’ve asked the Advisory Board to keep TQ in their prayers.

Movie Work

Edit Work:
Made subclips of TQ from the Donahue footage. Named those sublcips and put them in the “Donahue”  folder.  Put all the clips end to end on the timeline to find out how much total footage I would have to license from Universal.  Turned out to be 16 minutes.

Licensing Work
Completed the Universal footage licensing form for the Donahue footage using the times of the subclips.  Within five minutes of submission, I got a call from Ronnie at Universal.  Ronnie was helpful.  She informed me that for the rights I was asking for, the price was going to be $12,000 a minute.  (Note to self, have defibrillator attached and on before asking for licensing fees again!)  Ronnie advised trimming down the amount of footage I wanted to use,  asking for a festival license, which would goes for  $2,400 per minute.  Ronnie also advised I would have to get a release for anyone (besides TQ) who appeared in my clips.  That’s right, even for Phil Donahue!

More Edit Work
Went back into the Donahue clip bin and re-trimmed the trimmed clips.  Since I didn’t plan on getting releases for anyone else in the clips, I only went for footage where TQ was the only one in the frame.  Using that criteria, I pared 16 minutes down to 90 seconds. 

More Licensing Work
Called Ronnie back and gave her the new numbers, request for a festival license for a year and not starting the license period until May 2012. 

Story Consultant Work
Completed questionnaire Karen Everett sends to all prospective story consultant clients.  We have a phone appointment in the near future to talk about the film.

Music Work
Dies Irae
Knocked this out about 25 times on the Annihilator.  It’s going better and the strap is helping me transition this to the standing position.

Pat Metheny Etudes, Exercise #1, bars 1-8
More work on this piece (25 times) on the MojoCaster after the usual warm-ups.

Granby Street
Broke out the ’79 Strat to try this tune. 

Gospel Skillz R&B chords with “The More I Seek You”
Played these pieces on the Wechter acoustic for a bit.