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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Countdown to Inner Circle “Mastermind Call” - THE PRODIGAL ALTAR BOY BLOG


Karen Everett Inner Circle Work:
·        Inner Circle homework – Elevator Speech refinement
·        Inner Circle– Mission Statement work Advisory Board edits (thanks Mark)
·        “Making Ideas Happen” – Scott Belsky -  pages 1-34

Music Practice:
Strat warm up
Inversion Excursion work
Cmin7-Gmin-FMaj-BbMaj R&B lick
“The More I Seek You” – chord work with inversions
“Dies Irae” – Verdi (30X entire piece)
Birth of the Groove by David Rubin – Cornell Dupree chapter
Jam session with Garry Cooke – Focus on EMaj-B/D#-C#min-A progression and bass line

Body Work:
Active Rest

Countdown to Inner Circle “Mastermind Call”
I spent the past two weeks working on homework for Tuesday’s Inner Circle call.  The “elevator pitch” work has been invaluable in getting an elevator speech together, and then honing it.  Karen did a great job of outlining how to craft an elevator pitch, and I am eager to try it out on Tuesday. 

I am reading a book, “Making Ideas Happen” by Scott Belsky.  In the introduction, Scott makes a point that many people miss:
“In the modern world of information overload and constant connectivity, you must manage your energy wisely. Otherwise, you will fall into a state of “reactionary work flow,” where you act impulsively rather than proactively and simply try to stay afloat.”

I am reshaping how I look at the documentary.  While not ignoring the effort required to finish this film, I will pay more attention to energy expenditure and budgeting.  Belsky recommends, “Every thing in life should be approached as a project.”  Adopting that attitude is the key to finishing the documentary.

Stay tuned.