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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Prodigal Altar Boy Blog - First Week of the New Year

Prodigal Altar Boy Blog
8 January 2012

Movie Work
5 January
Decision Time:  Will take 17 and 18 2012 off, tack them on to the Martin Luther King Holiday, and use the Mon-Tue-Wed to do the assembly edit. 
6 January
Email exchange with Zachary Davidson on writing press releases.  Set appointment for Saturday.
Email exchange with Drage Vukcevich on art show mechanics.  Bottom line is that he is more involved on the sales/representation end, but is willing to share his knowledge.  Will set up a meeting for next week (9-13 January)
7 January
Read Documentary (magazine) Cynthia Close review of the new book, “Reclaiming Fair Use: How to Put Balance Back in Copyright” by Patricia Aufderheide and Peter Jaszi.  Patricia is the Director of the Center for Social Media at American University.  The Center for Social Media will have a conference, “Media That Matters 2012” February 10-11 2012 at American University. 
I will post that article to the Advisory Board later this week with notes. 

Met with Zachary Davidson to discuss the strategy for press releases over the next six months.  Zachary asked great questions and we are in harmony.  We laid out a plan for five initial press releases and a tentative schedule.  The first release is due at the end of January. 

Watched Ultimate Guide to Structuring Your Documentary Week 8 module:
“Building Suspense with Storytelling Devices.”  Took notes.

8 January
Sketched out ideas for art show.  The goal is to integrate licensed photographs, the artwork derived from the photos, clips from the movie, and live music.  One idea is to take interview clip of TQ talking about funerals, particularly his comments on “Dies Irae,” (“Oh day of wrath, that wonderful day.”) and use that as a launch point for a live performance of “Dies Irae” (arranged for screaming rock guitar).  It will be a short clip from the move integrated with a very

Music Work
5 January
Pulled chord charts for Grace City Sunday service. 
Transposed charts into performance keys. (Sounds technical doesn’t it?)

6 January
MojoCaster warm-ups
Covered Grace City Set list songs.  Played along with tracks

7 January
Grace City practice at Sky Loft (9:30 – 11:00)
Evening music practice
Rig assembly
Play along with recording from Sky Loft practice
Patch selection
Notate chord charts
Book prep
Rig break down and pack

6 January
10:30 Grace City Service

5 January
Viking Warrior Conditioning
15:15 Protocol
7 reps per set with 16kg kettlebell
50 sets – 25 minutes

6 January
Modified “Round Up From the Ground Up” workout
50lb Kettlebell
Super set:
Single-arm kettlebell swings – 5 reps per side
Kettlebell squats – 5 reps
Kettlebell Cleans – 5 reps per side
Kettlebell Overhead Military Presses – 5 reps per side
Kettlebell snatches – 5 reps per side
Kettlebell Rows – 5 reps per side
6 Supersets – 18:20

First week of the New Year.  Bit the bullet and started scheduling time off to work on editing.  I am hiring Zachary to take the press release burden off my shoulders.  I planned to use his releases to feed into PRWeb, but he brought up the idea to target individual publications, so I may incorporate both. 

Big music week, learned two new songs (“In The Sanctuary” and “Total Praise”), and was able to work out a pattern for “Trading My Sorrows.”  Sunday service was awesome and Advisory Board member Joyce Cheatham made a surprise visit at Grace City. 

This week will be about preparing for the assembly edit, which should mean doing some more footage review, and note taking.  Scheduled to attend an Accelerent Breakfast event on 11 January at the American Visionary art Museum.  The scheduled speaker is Robin Crow, listed as “Author, Speaker, Business Owner & Innovative Guitarist.”  “Innovative Guitarist,” eh?  Sounds like fun.  I am looking forward to it.