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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Today is Palm Sunday

Today is Palm Sunday

 It is also a great day to talk about TQ. When you read (and the Advisory Board will do a LOT of reading) about Father Quinlan, descriptors of TQ directly or indirectly characterize him as rebellious, unorthodox, radical, etc. Digging deeper into accounts of TQ’s “escapades” at different parishes, notice how Christmas, Easter, and the days leading to those holy days (Advent, Lent) are the backdrop for TQ’s “adventures in liturgy.”

Here is an excerpt from Chief Justice Antonin Scalia’s biography describing the young lawyer’s search for a family church in Northern Virginia: (click on the article)

To give further hints about the identity of the priest, I present an excerpt from the Senior Times, describing the same event, and putting a little context to what our Chief Justice found “experimental:” (click on the article)

TQ’s margin inscription of Scalia’s biography, “That’s me! Palm Sunday 1972,” confirm he made an impression (for good or ill) on the head of our highest court:

This week’s Advisory Board reading assignment is the 21 October 1974 Time Magazine article “Closing a Clerical Show.” While there is a lot of print (actually, print, video, and radio audio) on TQ, this piece from Time Magazine, is a good starting point for you all to get a sense of TQ. In addition, this is a good place for you to start looking for themes as well as how to condense 50 years of ministry into 90 to 120 minutes.

I like GoogleDocs for editing documents, but for open-ended discussion, I think this blog will facilitate communication between us all. It serves as a central place to see what everyone else has to say. Be sure to bookmark the blog, and leave comments by clicking on “comments” at the bottom. You can subscribe to the blog as well, but I will be pushing out emails to alert you to new blog posts. I look forward to your comments.

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