The Prodigal Altar Boy

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Prodigal Altar Boy Blog 4 January 2012

Prodigal Altar Boy Blog
4 January 2012

Work on the movie:
Emails to Advisory Board Members on possible film festivals.
Emails with Zachary on upcoming press releases.
Karen Everett Week & module, "Strategies For Crafting Your Film's Opening Act"

Work on music:
Warm up on the MojoCaster (new strings)
Pat Metheny Etudes, Exercise #1 bars 1-4 20X
Pat Metheny Etudes, Exercise #1 bars 5-8 5X
Bars 1-8 together 5X
Total time:  30 minutes

Kettlebell Lower Body Superset:
KB Squat - 8 reps with 50lb kettlebell
KB Contra lateral Lunge - 8 reps (per side) with 50lb kettlebell
KB Suitcase Deadlift - 8 reps (per side) with 50lb kettlebell
Total of 5 sets
KB Two-hand Swings 5 sets of 8 with 50lb kettlelbell
Total time:  20 minutes

Work on the score:
"Dies Irae" - 25X
"It's Your Thing" - Isley Brothers
"Talkin' Loud and Sayin' Nothing" - Living Colour
Total time:  30 minutes

Open Letter to My New Gym Mates (cont.)
Welcome back.  If you are really serious about making progress in the gym, take some time to read this piece Charles StaleyTarget Focus Training founder Tim Larkin posted this article by Charles entitled "7 Questions People Ask Me about Fitness"

If this is your first attempt to "get in shape," remember it's a marathon, not a sprint.  The first thing is to get specific about your goals.  "Get in shape" is the squishiest of goals you could have, and while a squishy goal is better than none at all, do yourself a favor and narrow the focus of your goal.  What does being in shape look like to you?  Do you have a goal weight, or better yet a goal body fat percentage?  Do you want to run a 5k or your first marathon?  Do you want to bench 300lbs or knock out the Secret Service Snatch Test (SSST)? 

  • After specifying your goals, what kind of training do you need to achieve those goals?  What resources are available to help you design a suitable program?  
  • Once you have your program, what commitments will you have to make to follow the program?  How will you document your progress in sticking to the plan? How will you hold yourself accountable?
  • What milestones do you have to ensure you are progressing toward your goals?
  • These are some preliminary questions to keep in mind as you start out.  I will flesh out some of these questions and add other components as time goes on. 

Good luck and hang in there.