The Prodigal Altar Boy

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Prodigal Altar Boy 100 Day Countdown T-92 Days to Go 18 October 2012


Prodigal Altar Boy 100 Day Countdown
T-92 Days to Go
18 October 2012


Goal:  2 hours per day working on the film


·   Additional research on Indiegogo and crowd sourcing
·   Finished re-typing the mailing list
·   Researched upcoming seminar by Fernanda Rossi (Docs In Progress)
Total time:  2 hours

Goal:  30 minutes per day music practice


·     Warm-up on the Roland Ready Strat with GR-55
·     Dies Irae –Tone Work
·     Granby Street
·     “TQ Leitmotif” work
·     Grace City music work
 -   "Superstition

Total time:  1 hour

Goal:  15 minutes exercise per day

Treadmill interval work:  60/120 sec. intervals 4.0/6.3 mph
3.25 miles

Total time:  36:18

Goal:  30 Minutes “Tangential Endeavors”
Researched Fernanda
Rossi Seminar
Total time:  30 minutes

The Importance of a Good Team

Yesterday’s post was whiney and without reason.  I took on this film as a personal task, knowing (well, almost) all the work involved and who was responsible for most of it (me). 

Making “The Trouble with TQ” would have been impossible without supporters working behind the scenes, making the contacts and delivering the goods.  In the case of the mailing list, my biggest supporter, my mother did most of the heavy lifting.  When I asked all the logical people about TQ’s mailing list and the possibility of getting a copy, I was met with silence over a period of a month.  My mother made some calls and within five days, I had the list in my hand.  Good looking out, Ma!

The Advisory Board for the film is equally proactive and supportive.  I have one board member setting up a meeting with two local filmmakers with Sundance experience!  Other board members have donated funds to the film, attended screenings (at the CAMM Cine Salon), as well as various displays of support. 

So, when I am feeling sorry for myself, I have force my focus on to the kindness of people who believe in me and go out of their way to show it.  That snaps me back in the “Worky Work, Busy Bee” mode.  With all this support behind me, I owe it to them to make this film work.  I owe it to TQ for the fantastic gift he gave to me in the form of access, support and encouragement for the film.   

 BONUS News!

After I finished retyping the list, I took a few minutes to read the paper.  To my surprise, there was a short article saying Pope Benedict XVI canonized Kateri Tekakawitha.  Congratulations to that parish in Poquoson.  This has been a banner year for that parish.   Right around the time of TQ's death, the Bishop signed the Thrift Shop over to the parish, free and clear.  I will have to get some footage of TQ talking about canonization (Kateri Tekakawitha in particular).  Stay tuned.