The Prodigal Altar Boy

Friday, May 11, 2012

TQ’s “Catholic Funerals in a Renewed Church” - THE PRODIGAL ALTAR BOY BLOG


Karen Everett Inner Circle Work:
·        Inner Circle homework – Elevator Speech refinement
·        Inner Circle homework – Module 2 “Editing the Character-Driven Documentary”
·        Inner Circle (tangential) – Mission Statement work (Shaking the Money Tree)
·        “Shaking the Money Tree” – Chapter 2:  Where’s The Money?
Music Practice:
Stratocaster warm up
Inversion Excursion work
“So What?” – Miles Davis
Cmin7-Gmin-FMaj-BbMaj R&B lick
“The More I Seek You” – chord work with inversions
“Dies Irae” – Verdi (20X entire piece)
Birth of the Groove by David Rubin – Cornell Dupree chapter

Body Work:
Active Rest

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When I visit my mother, she always saves newspaper clippings, old photographs, etc., and asks me if I’m interested in having them.  Packrat that I am, I always say, “yes.”  My mother has been invaluable in making this documentary about TQ because TQ was a prolific writer and she saved most of what he sent her personally and to the parish at St. Mary’s.  Today gave me a letter TQ sent to the parish concerning funerals. The letter is not dated, so my guess is it was early in his long tenure at St. Mary’s.  Intertwining church history with Catholic practices, TQ lays out what the parish should be doing when it comes to funerals and why (“There is no absolute endedness about it except for those who do not have the Faith”).    That my mother would hang on to this letter fall these years is testament to the impact TQ had on the parish.  Fly on Blue Angel!