The Prodigal Altar Boy

Friday, November 25, 2011

2011 Countdown - T-36 Days and Counting

2011 – Last 100 Days
Prodigal Altar Boy Countdown
T-36 Days to Go
25 November 2011

Goal:  1 hour per day working on the film
Continued targeted reading in Karen Everett’s eBook , “Documentary Editing.”
Total time:  1 hour

Goal:  30 minutes per day music practice
Warm-up on the MojoCaster
Total time:  15 minutes

Goal:  15 minutes exercise per day
Active rest. (post-Turkey Day)

Goal:  15 minutes per day working on the score for the movie

 “Dies Irae” – 10X , broke down the octave and dyad climbs
“Jam Session with Garry Cooke”
Am – D7 chord progression, pulling in A and A octave bass (palm mute).   I originally intended this as the chordal accompaniment to the A Dorian intervallic riff, and now this progression has a life of its own.  Garry added a bass line to the progression.  I see a lot of places it can be used.  What this really needs now is the guitar run through the Adrenalinn III and/or the Boss Slicer.

Granby Street” – 3-4X working with Garry.  He already had a nice bass line down for the intro/chorus, we spent this time getting a bass line for the verses.  The song is starting to hang together now.  Garry really did his homework on this one.  This will probably be ready for recording by the first of the year.

Total Time:  90 minutes