The Prodigal Altar Boy

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Prodigal Altar Boy Countdown T-13 Days to Go!

2011 – Last 100 Days
Prodigal Altar Boy Countdown
T-13 Days to Go
18 December 2011

Goal:  1 hour per day working on the film
Watched Chris Rock documentary “Good Hair” (Karen Everett recommendation)
This move follows everything Karen Everett teaches about good documentaries.  The Bronner Brothers hair show contest is a great backbone for the film.  The director only followed four contestants.  The interviews were killer and the archival footage supported the story.  Some of the verite' scenes, such as traveling to India, following a hair merchant n L.A., and the beauty salon and barber shop scenes kept the movie moving.  There was a lot to learn from watching this film.
Total time:  95 minutes

Goal:  30 minutes per day music practice
Pre-service (30 minutes)
Warm up on the MojoCaster
Grace City Set list run-through:
Oh Come Emmanuel
You Are Good
Silent Night
Hark the Herald Angels Sing
Revelation Song
God is Faithful
It Is Well With My Soul
Pat Metheny Etude, exercise #1 bars 1-4 30X
“It’s Your Thing” – Isley Brothers
“Talkin’ Loud and Sayin’ Nothing” – Living Colour
Total time:  30 minutes

Goal:  15 minutes exercise per day
Active rest

Goal:  15 minutes per day working on the score for the movie
Gospel Skillz R&B chord work
E – B/D# - C#m7 – A chord work
“Dies Irae” – 25X run-throughs of the whole piece
“Dies Irae” – focus work on solo, dyads and octave climbs

Total Time: 30 minutes

Notes:  Thirteen days and counting.

Things to do this week:
  • More work on the assembly edit
  • Finish story-focusing exercises (probably before further assembly work)
  • Bust out some of those guitar instruction videos (if you expect to survive Grace City)
  • Finish shopping