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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Seven Channels of Cultural Influence - THE PRODIGAL ALTAR BOY BLOG


Karen Everett Inner Circle Work:
  • More administrative work for the Inner Circle website
  • Inner Circle “Mastermind Call” 3-4PM PDT
  • Contact with logo artist for Prodigal Altar Boy logo
  • Inner Circle homework (module 1 of "Editing the Character-Driven Documentary) 
Music Practice:
  • Stratocaster warm up
  • “So What?”  Miles Davis
  • Inversion Excursion work
  • Cm7 – Bb/D – F# - G progression work

Body Work:
L.A. Fitness Workout - Legs
Single Leg Press - 8X8
Leg Press Calf Raise - 25X8
Hack Squat - 8X8
Leg Extension - 8X8
Treadmill work - 60/30 intervals for 20 minutes

The Seven Channels of Cultural Influence
TQ set out to change the Church by changing the people in the church.  When TQ set out on this quest, the available tools were crude compared to our (ahem) “connected” society.  Crude tools aside, TQ discovered something in the late 50’s/early 60’s that is being touted as “new” today.

In his book “The Next Christians,” Gabe Lyons writes at length about “The Seven Channels of Cultural Influence.”  Those channels are:
  • Media
  • Education
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Business
  • Government
  • Social Sector
  • Church
Of these channels, Lyons explains, “Most people fit into one or more of these channels. Those who aren't directly contributing to a particular one are likely
influenced by it. For instance, even if you don't work in the film
industry, the latest movie you saw probably affected your attitude and imagination. You may not be a politician, but the laws they make have a profound impact on your life, and so on.”

Gabe goes on to posit, “The spread of ideas-specifically, the Christian idea of
Restoration will happen best and most powerfully when every channel of culture is leveraged. Keeping restoration isolated just to the church channel will only further separate Christians from the rest of the world. It's one explanation given for why
parts of our culture have grown darker in recent decades. Christians separated and retreated, leaving a vacuum where others have spread their ideas instead. We left our posts.”
One thing I want to show with the documentary is TQ leveraged all seven channels of influence over the course of his ministry.  TQ understood and wanted others to understand the role of Christians in the world.  TQ used the theory of adaptation to co-opt and leverage Media as well as Arts and Entertainment to advance the liturgy.  His lifelong ministry of teaching, whether one-on-one, group teaching of books, and his administration of Catholic education at every parish he served speaks to the Education channel.  The Thrift Shop in Poquoson and his devotion to the sick show his dedication to the Social channel.  The demographics of his northern Virginia parishes, to include senior military and civilian workers populating the halls of the Pentagon, CIA, etc., show how TQ influenced the Government channel.  When you look at the quantity of productions TQ put on and the materials required, TQ would have absolute influence on local Business channel.  Finally as a pastor, TQ would have locked down the Church channel.

I leave you with this excerpt from Lyon’s book, which, while talking about the future of Christianity, in fact describes TQ’s game plan since the start of his ministry:

As a natural by-product of God's plan for his Kingdom, the
next Christians are being dispersed as restorers throughout all
channels of culture. They are carrying the message of Jesus­
bringing restoration, renewal, and healing; fighting injustice;
telling the truth; affirming goodness; and celebrating beauty ­
in their places of service. They play a key role in overcoming the
evil that otherwise overwhelms everything.

Stay tuned.