The Prodigal Altar Boy

Sunday, November 25, 2012

T-54 Days to Go 25 November 2012 Prodigal Altar Boy 100 Day Countdown

T-54 Days to Go
25 November 2012
Prodigal Altar Boy 100 Day Countdown

Goal:  2 hours per day working on the film
·     Planning for fine cut way forward
·     Screening plans 
Total time:  2 hours

Goal:  30 minutes per day music practice
·     Warm up – MojoCaster
·     Grace City Sunday Services
Total time:  4 hours

Goal:  15 minutes exercise per day
Body Opus Week 14
Recovery and recomposition
Stopped carbohydrate intake at 6:00 PM
Total time:  

Goal:  30 Minutes “Tangential Endeavors”
“Shaking the Money Tree” – Morrie Warshawski
Morrie Warshawski Inner Circle Mastermind Recording
Total time:  90 minutes

High Five for Salvation
Today’s sermon at Grace City was “How Do You Know That You Know?”  Corey preached how doubt about whether we are saved takes power away from us.  We spent ten weeks in 1st John and Corey cites 1st John 5: 19, “We know that we belong to God, while the whole world is under the evil one.”  Corey says one thing that causes us to be unsure about our salvation is that we think we have to earn love and God’s unconditional love is hard for us to process.  Knowing we are saved is a liberating feeling and should fill us with joy, yet instead of expressing that joy, we, as Shakespeare would say, “fret and strut our hour upon the stage.”  What would it look like to have not only the assurance of salvation, but also the joy of that salvation? 

Last year I went to a family reunion in Richmond.  On Sunday, we went to church as a family and that service stays with me today.  Whenever I am down, I look at a short clip my wife shot during the service.  The music was outstanding, but the highlight for me was the interaction of the pastors.  At one point, you will see two of the pastors “High Five” each other.  We High Five over the clever remark in the workplace, the accomplishments of our favorite sports team and other events.  How about giving salvation a High Five?  Snappy comebacks fade from memory, the triumphs of sports teams come and go, but salvation is forever.  Long after the confetti from championship celebrations has swept up, we still have salvation ahead.  No matter what this world puts in our way, we know from 1st John 5:4 that, “Everyone begotten of God conquers the world, and the power that has conquered the world is this faith of ours.”  So let us be assured in our salvation and express the joy of that knowledge.  Be like these men of God and give a High Five for salvation.

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