The Prodigal Altar Boy

Saturday, November 24, 2012

T-55 Days to Go 24 November 2012 Prodigal Altar Boy 100 Day Countdown

T-55 Days to Go
24 November 2012
Prodigal Altar Boy 100 Day Countdown

Goal:  2 hours per day working on the film
·     Mailed thank-you cards for new donations
·     Explored screening plans
·     Planned way forward to fine cut
Total time:  2 hours

Goal:  30 minutes per day music practice
·     Grace City Music practice
·     Warm up – MojoCaster
·     Grace City Sunday Set list work
·     Patch selection
·     Chart preparation
Total time:  4 hours

Goal:  15 minutes exercise per day
Body Opus Week 13
Recovery and recomposition
Total time:  

Goal:  30 Minutes  “Tangential Endeavors”
“Trailer Mechanics” – Fernanda Rossi
Total time:  30 minutes

“The Trouble With TQ” Donor Roll
Name                         Premium Level
Carrie J. Hughes                      Fan
Toni Fesel                                Fan +
Minnie Thomas                       Patron
Nancy Dixon                           Fan
Mary Emmert                          Fan
Bruce McKenna                      Supporter
Eugene Strelka                        Fan+
Fr. John Dorgan                      Patron 
William J. Griggs                    Supporter
John & Katie Zawacki            Fan
Eileen Kanzler                         Supporter
Hank & Claire Tessandori       Fan
Pete & Margie Langlands       Fan                     Supporter
Richard Mooney                     Supporter
Rev. Francis J. Gargani           Fan     
Hal & Sally Neher                   Patron
William T. Prince                    Patron
Tom & Mary McFeely            Fan
Linda & Garry Cooke             Patron
Ed & Maureen Marroni           Fan
Sal Vitale                                Fan
Kathleen Waugh                     Supporter+
Joseph McDonough                Patron
Jone Langlands                       Fan
Young Ja Jun                          Fan
Mary Minkowski                     Fan
Rev. David Ungerleider          Fan