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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Blog Improvement Plan Part 7 - Peer review of blog as Review of My Life

Peer review of blog as Review of My Life
Processing the peer reviews of the blog was an opportunity to reflect on the documentary’s progress, especially for the past year.  Reviewers wanted to see more of my personality come through.  The past year was a period of growth.  Leading the worship team, I saw the entire team grow, and I grew musically as well as spiritually. I saw my focus on music caused other gifts to lie fallow.  “Worship musician” presents an incomplete picture of me as a person, and pigeonholes the gifts I bring to ministry.

I was glad to serve as worship leader and it was a great experience.  Much like the first incarnation of the blog, however, it did not allow much of my personality to come through.  I think the documentary, in addition to honoring TQ’s lifelong ministry, can be an opportunity to minister with all my gifts and extend the reach of a TQ’s ministry.  Every shoot has been a peak experience and revealed an unexpected moment with a message only for me, saying, “This is what you need to be doing.”

So what does this all mean?  It means I stepped down from the worship team.  It means I will spend more time finishing the documentary.  I have 20+ hours of footage “in the can” and it will take another 30 to be ready for a good edit.  There is also the legal work (releases, licenses, copyright clearance, etc.), as well as scoring, sweetening and other post-production chores.  The rest of the long haul is equally labor-intensive, including marketing, film festivals and distribution.

Here's another clip of TQ.  He talks about butterflies as the symbol of the resurrection.  Thanks for tuning in. 

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